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Embroidery and Heat Pressing


Our Embroidery and Heat press services will help you  showcase your brand to the world. We offer customized embroidery and heat pressing for hats, shirts and much more. We use a variety of heat press vinyls and materials to get the job done!

While both use special machines, the look and effect are totally different. Embroidery is

created using a type of sewing machine. There are needles and thread involved. Color options are many and can change with each design and clothing. Embroidered designs have a sort of 3D look about them, due to the thread position on the garment. It is the best choice for hats and business branded clothing. With the right care, embroidered items last for a long time.

Heat press designs are typically one or two colors. Heat press designs are plotted on one of our plotting machines and then go through a process called "weeding". This is when we peel away the unwanted vinyl from your cut design.

Depending on how many colors are involved the designs may come digitally printed onto a sheet and are then transferred to garments via a giant, custom-made iron. Because of the transfer process, they have a flat look. Heat press designs are a good option for events or sports teams where prices need to be kept low and longevity of the design isn’t required.

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